Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Shopping Information

Our volunteers make our sale a success, so you get to shop before anyone else!

  • Each Pre-Sale Pass is good for only ONE person. If you wish for your parent, grown child or spouse to attend, they must also volunteer. We will provide assistance carrying large items if needed.
  • If your volunteer shift(s) falls after the pre-sale, your purchases will be held until after your shift(s) are complete. If you fail to fulfill this obligation, having taken advantage of the volunteer pre-sale, the future privilege of volunteering for Lil' Blessings Children's Consignment Sale will be forfeited. Items will be donated and no refunds will be given.

Thursday - PRESALE Shopping

Gold volunteers (work 3 or more shifts) - shop at 4:30pm

Silver volunteers (work 2 shifts) - shop at 5:00pm

Bronze volunteers (work 1 shift) - shop at 5:30pm