Consignment Information

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How to Tag your items

As a consignor, you are responsible for tagging your own items. Please note that any items you have consigned before must be re-entered into our system, and re-tagged with new tags. Tags from previous sales cannot be reused.

We will be happy to print your tags for you! We have two tag pickup days, please see the Dates/Times page for more details.

Getting Started

Place clothing items on an appropriate sized hanger with hanger facing to the left, like a question mark. All two piece items should be pinned together. Pants should be pinned securely to the hanger. We cannot be responsible for items that fall off of hangers.

Once you have prepared your items, enter them on our website. Please be as descriptive as possible when entering your item description. On occasion, during the sale, items get separated from their tags. We will try our best to find the right tag, but unless we can absolutely match the decription to the item, we cannot sell it. So the better the description, the better chance for a sale! It is best to keep your items in the order you entered them online.



When you are finished entering your inventory, you will be taken to the My Account page, where you can select Print My Tags. You may either choose to print your own tags, or have us print them for you. If you choose to print your own tags, you will need white cardstock & a color printer. 

No plain paper please! If you bring your items to us with plain paper tags, you will be responsible for re-tagging the items with cardstock tags.

Please note: Our tags will be printed with BARCODES, so please ensure your printer is NOT on "draft" or "quick" printing. If the barcodes on your items will not scan due to bad print quality, you will have to re-tag your items with new tags.

Cut apart your tags, being careful to keep them in the order you entered them on the website.

Using a tagging gun(recommended) or a safety pin (no straight pins), secure each tag to the left side of the item (this is the right side as you are looking at the item's front), printed side of tag facing out. It's best to place tag in the seam or selvage under the item's left sleeve to avoid large holes in the clothing. Tagging guns and safety pins will leave holes in the fabric, so do not place in the middle of the item! Pin through the top of each tag (that has the sale name and date). Tagging Guns are available for $15 while supplies last and can be purchased on our Tag Pick Up Days! For all future sales, barbs for tagging guns are complimentary!

Don't forget to schedule a drop off appointment!

Items must be tagged prior to arriving for your drop off appointment. We do not have room at our facility for tagging.

Tagging Specialty Items

  • Shoes should be securely fastened together (zip tie or large safety pin). Securely pin the tag to the shoes. Pinning through the laces or lace holes is usually a good way to do it, depending on the type of shoe. DO NOT USE Ziplock Bags to keep shoes together, as they make it difficult for shoppers to see the shoes.
  • Baby equipment and other large items/toys should have the tag taped to the item using packing tape in a secure and noticeable location. Please don't use regular tape as it will tear off easily.
  • Toys should be packaged with all pieces together. Tape items together with packing tape, or bag smaller pieces in a large ziploc bag. Using zip ties is another good way to secure pieces of large toy items. Tape the tag to the item or to the bag with packing tape.
  • DVDs & Blu-rays should be in their case. Please do not tape the case closed, as we will inspect it at drop-off. We will tape it closed at that time.

Important Information

Please check all of your items for recall BEFORE you consign them. We will NOT accept items that are under recall. Please visit for a list of recalled items.